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Vegetable Wheat Germ Oil 100ml (Folha d`Água)
  • Vegetable Wheat Germ Oil 100ml (Folha d`Água)

Vegetable Wheat Germ Oil 100ml (Folha d`Água)


100% natural wheat germ vegetable oil - 100ml

Brand: Folha d`Água


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Wheat germ (Triticum sativum) is the richest natural source of vitamin E. Its oil, when obtained by cold pressure, maintains high levels of vitamin E and is often added to other base oils to prevent rancidity. . Revitalizes the skin and strengthens blood vessels, being useful in preventing varicose veins.

Due to its consistency, this oil is normally used in massagme in mixture with others (ex .: sweet almond oil or grape seed oil), in a dilution of about 10%.

The various uses of natural essential oils / BIO Folha d'Água:

Cosmetics elaboration:

Folha d'Água oils can be used to make cosmetics, soaps and perfumes. Just add a few drops of one or more essential oils in the saponification process to make a difference in the final fragrance of your soap. They are also used to make your own perfume, and the possibilities for combinations are endless.

Candle making or used in Diffusers:

Equally useful is the use of essential oils in the making of scented candles. The right time to dilute will be when the wax is melted and preferably before it is even placed in the mold to avoid waste evaporation due to the heat of the wax.

For diffusers just follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Therapeutic massages:

It is perfectly possible, and even widely used by professional masseurs, to dilute these essential oils with another vegetable-based oil for the practice of your massages. It is strictly inadvisable to use pure essential oils on the skin without being properly diluted with other neutral vegetable oils (base oils) or added when making massage candles (designed for this purpose). Potential allergies the user may have to some essential oils should also be considered.
Whenever there are no contraindications, the advantages of a massage made with the benefits of a specific vegetable and natural essential oil are enormous.

Food consumption:

We can ingest Folha d`Água biological essential oils, as long as they are diluted in other solutions (depends on the quantities of oils, taste and desired result), as a culinary condiment or food supplement. You should, however, consult your doctor or pharmacist to avoid contraindications and follow guidelines according to your clinical condition.

In addition to the guidelines of a health professional for your specific case, there is also a list of oils that are safe for your health and others that should never be part of this list, here are some examples:

safe essential oils for food consumption (following the doses recommended by your doctor, pharmacist or aromatherapist):

Basil - Bergamot - Black Pepper - Cinnamon Cassia - Coriander - Cinnamon - Sage Clariia - Clove - Copaíba - Frankincense - Geranium - Ginger - Grapefruit - Juniper - Lavender or Lavender - Lemongrass or Lemongrass - Lemon - Marjoram - Cajepute - Myrrh - Oasis or Oregano - Patchouli or Patchouli - Peppermint - Chamomile - Rosemary - Sandalwood or Hawaiian Sandalwood - Siberian Pine - Ylang Ylang - Grape seed - Wheat germ - Apricot kernel - Tea tree

essential oils NOT safe for food consumption:

Arborvitae or Thuja - Cedar - Cypress - Douglas Fir - Eucalyptus - Nard - Wintergreen - Citronella - Castor


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