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about us

Your online store dedicated to the sale of tools, accessories and raw materials for the execution of any project!
Our store is proud to be one of the few stores that is aimed at craftsmen, creators e technicals of the various manufacturing and production areas more or less handmade; But we dont forget thelearners/ students nor those who just use their free time to dedicate themselves to their hobbies.

We try to dispose of articles frommost respected brands but we also have cheaper alternatives with our "white mark".


our team

We are a small team, but very enthusiastic, working 7 days a week to assist you whenever necessary. We try to respond as quickly as possible.

Since the beginning of this project, in 2018, Artificium gives the best for its customers, with the same dedication every day, to offer them the best digital experience in the purchase of all the materials and tools necessary for large or small projects. Grateful for the recognition of all those who have become loyal in our store over the years, we seek to evolve in sustainability and environmental awareness.


environmental commitment

How are we most sustainable?

Artificium is more than just an online store.
It is the feeling of trust and sustainability, with small gestures: such as reducing plastics, reusing them; from packaging in corrugated cardboard and raw kraft paper; we invest in the production of artisanal projects, in natural and ecological products; and the sale of materials and tools from brands, preferably national ones.


contacts/ company data 

phone: 919435378 (call to national mobile network)

Commercial / Administrative Manager:
ENI: Noé Augusto Machado Alves NIF: PT220426333

headquarters / office address:
R. Central de Ardegães 461 2dt 4425-046 Águas Santas
Av. Lidador da Maia 661 4425-116 Águas Santas

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complaints book

In compliance with DL.74 / 2017 of 21 June, all of our customers can submit to the ASAE your complaint about our products or services, through the online complaints book.

Access the Electronic Complaints Book: